Expert training, guidance and support delivered to you.


A More Affordable and Flexible
Option to Your Best Health!


Would access to a professional personal trainer, and accountability without having to leave your home, rearrange your schedule or buy special equipment sound perfect to you? Then this is the exact service you need! 

You’ll get personalized and dedicated service that fits right into your current life. It’s the perfect freedom, flexibility and accountability balance that will fuel your fire and make fitness work for you!

What’s Included:

  • Assessment and consultations to determine your goals, your why and any barriers

  • Custom designed plan delivered through an app or in PDF format based on your goals and resources

  • Nutrition information, meal ideas and support

  • Access to personal trainer via text, phone or email for the entire duration of your plan

  • Scheduled check-ins for kick-ass support

Online Training Pricing:

  • Initial Enrollment and first 8 weeks - $150
    Includes: in-depth consultation, goal assessment, custom 8 week plan, nutrition guidelines, progress tracking, 60 days of access to personal trainer for support

  • Monthly Maintenance Plan (after initial start) - $80/month
    Includes: updated monthly custom plan, scheduled check ins, progress tracking and 30 days of access to personal trainer for support
    *Renewable every month - cancel anytime 

"Lisa is great! She takes the time to develop a personalized plan based on your goals and abilities. I love the style of the plan she developed for me, I can workout at home whenever I want with no fancy equipment required!" - Nicole

"She took into consideration my life schedule and found a way to fit in some fitness! She developed a customized work out plan which required no equipment and I could complete from my house." - Stephanie

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