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  • Lisa Kelly

Reignite your health, Reignite your life

Much of our world has become complicated and overwhelming – health and wellness are no exception. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’re like most people, the idea of being healthy involves eating a salad every meal, doing hours of boring cardio, buying food you’ve never heard of and basically never enjoying anything ever again. We have the media and marketing mongrels to thank for that and I’m here to break you of those ideas. I want to show you how simple and enjoyable feeling good everyday can be. Your body IS made to move and NEEDS food as a fuel source to work well – once you start making changes towards these two points, you’ll get instant rewards in your health and wellness.

I created Refire Fitness to spread a positive message of self love and to encourage simple movement to achieve a better state of health. There will be no promotion of funky gadgets that over promise or too-good-to-be-true fad diets because they simply do not work and are not maintainable. Instead, Refire Fitness will promote real life strategies that go back to the basics to get you feeling great.

What Refire Fitness Gives You

  • Everyday lifestyle changes that are easy and can be sustained long-term

  • Anywhere, anytime exercises to get you off your butt and moving more

  • Real life nutrition advice that includes real food and is not restrictive

  • Encouragement and motivation to love the process and yourself while making positive changes

Pay for your health now with movement and real food – or pay for it later with injury and disease! Follow Refire Fitness on Facebook and Instagram for real life changes you can make today.


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