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  • Lisa Kelly

Introducing #RefireStrong Workout Series by Refire Fitness!

I am beyond excited to launch #RefireStrong by Refire Fitness! This is a free, weekly workout series where I will highlight some of the most reliable moves for some of your most stubborn areas. These highlighted moves have come from your struggles - you've voiced which areas you find hard to get strong including legs, back, arms and core (and a whole lot more!). The #RefireStrong workout series will run every Wednesday with highlighted moves you can do anywhere and tips to help you get stronger. My goal is to make this more than a workout series -- but a movement! If you follow the series and do the moves, please join me by using the hashtag - #RefireStrong - on your social media! Let's get as many people stronger as we can!

Stay tuned on Saturday for the first post of the series!


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