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  • Lisa Kelly

Foods to Fight Cravings

Cravings seem to hit anytime and anywhere – usually at weak moments and when what we crave is nearby. But there are some foods you can eat regularly that help ward off cravings before they even start! Try some of these power foods:

Apples Great tasting and crisp, apples give an awesome crunch and sweetness that can keep cravings at bay. They also have a fibre called pectin which studies have found can release hormones that control satisfaction levels. Add an apple to your day anytime – they are super portable and make an easy snack.

Eggs These are protein packed and protein has been proven to fuel you better and longer. You can easily incorporate them into your eating – they are great at breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can also be added into salads to bulk them up.

Spinach This is another food that causes the release of hormones that increase satisfaction levels – this is due to it having compounds called thylakoids. These flood into your system and keep you satisfied longer. Add spinach to your salads, smoothies, and mix it into meatballs or burgers.

Oatmeal With tons of soluble fibre, this food slows digestion and keeps you feeling full! Opt for steel-cut or rolled oats for the best hunger crushing.

Raspberries A sweet fruit that has more fibre per serving than any other fruit. It’s great for your digestive system and keeps you fuller for longer.

Walnuts Just the amount of chewing needed to eat them is enough to trigger fullness cues, but it also helps that they resist digestion – your body can only absorb about one-fifth of their fat. They are a great on-the-go, take anywhere snack.

These are just some power foods - there's a ton more out there. The best thing for your body is a variety of fresh food!


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