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  • Lisa Kelly

Out-Smart Your Excuses

We all have them and we all can overcome them. Excuses for not doing things we should do will forever be easier than actually just doing those things. When it comes to working out, most people have about 101 excuses but with a little thought and preparation, you can out-smart any excuse your mind comes up with. Here’s a start of ideas to help you with some common excuses!

I only have time in the evening and I’m too tired – Getting active doesn’t only mean carving out huge chunks of time to workout. You can accumulate activity throughout your day by fitting in active moments. Try parking further way so you have to walk more, always take the stairs, do some jumping jacks every time you go to the bathroom, etc...! The small stuff adds up and will be less overwhelming than trying to find 30 minutes to an hour.

It hurts to even walk – You don’t have knock out 10,000 steps on your first try. Just add a few more steps to your every day life – walking has been proven to decrease inflammation in both knees and hips. You'd be surprised at how gentle movement could help with pain and stiffness in the body.

I have a cold – Even mild to light activity is better than no activity and working out can help prevent illnesses. When you become regularly active and catch a cold, your symptoms are generally less severe. You can do light activity with a cold like walking which can help clear your sinuses and make you feel better.

I’m too stressed – For a lot of people, physical activity can cut anxiety levels and reduce stress. It will help you focus on something other than what’s stressing you and give yourself some time to focus on your body. You’ll feel refreshed and recharged.

It takes too much time to get ready – Getting the right gear, clothes, getting to a gym and showering can seem like a huge time investment. You can start small when first committing to a workout routine – choose activities that are light and only about 15 minutes to start so you don’t have to invest in time for a full change of clothes or shower. As you create a routine, prepare your gear and clothes in a specific bag so it’s always ready to go.

What excuses do you keep giving in too? Are there ways you can out-smart them? Reach out if you need to talk through some possible strategies –


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