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Why do you Struggle to Lose Weight?

Why do you find it hard to lose weight? There are a lot of common answers to this question. Some are "I travel a lot for work", "My spouse isn't supportive", "I have sugar filled food in the house because I have children", "I have a desk job", "I don't like to sweat", "It's too expensive to eat healthy".

All of the above can be obstacles to losing weight but they are not actual causes of someone being overweight. What they are is things we tell ourselves to place the blame anywhere else but on ourselves. If you want start taking some steps to improve your health, you need to acknowledge your actual feelings and reactions that lead you to overeat.

  • Do connect food to relaxation in the evenings?

  • Does food give you a sense of control if other areas of your life are chaotic?

  • Are you so worn out at the end of the day that you feel like you have to reward yourself with something?

  • Do you have a presentation the next morning and food comforts your anxiety?

  • Are you fighting with a friend and soothing with food?

It's scary to admit personal weaknesses, but doing so allows room for change. I personally struggled with an eating disorder when I returned to work after having my daughter when she was 8 months old. It took me months to even realize there was an issue with my eating and then it took many more months for me to figure out "why". At first, I told myself that it was because I wasn't challenged at work and was bored. But my eating didn't change when I took on more creative projects at work. I realized I was filling my sadness of leaving my daughter at 8 months old with food. It was a way of covering my depression at that time - I didn't have to feel the emotions if I covered the emotions with food.

If you're struggling, take some time to listen to your thoughts and sift through emotions that you may have been pushing aside. Feel free to reach out - - to get resources to help start your journey.


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