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  • Lisa Kelly

4 Steps to Rewire Self Talk

Last week we went over how the quality of our thoughts can impact how productive or motivated we are — especially with exercise and I gave you two steps to put into action to prevent negative self talk around working out. I want to make you work harder this week! (ah, that’s the personal trainer in me coming out!)

I want to show you four steps to rewire your negative self-talk to create new thinking habits!

1. Pay attention Call it mindfulness if you want, but getting present with your thoughts is a great first step to making a change. Thoughts are happening quickly in your mind, so paying more attention will help you learn more about your current thought patterns. And knowledge is power here, since knowing them means you can change them. Notice what thoughts come for you in the moment…right before working out, during workout out and afterwards.

2. Build Your Skill

Getting good at being aware of your thoughts could take time. You might not be able to notice your negative self talk all the time so focus on getting as consistent as you can. Refining new skills takes time, regardless of the skill. Keep this fact in mind as you practice staying present. Trust that the more you refine and practice paying attention deliberately, the more skillful you will become in these efforts.

3. Reframe, Reframe, Reframe

You’ll likely see somewhat of a pattern in the way you talk to yourself. If it helps, write down what thoughts happen…take a deep look at what statements come up.

Ask: What might be a more helpful statement?

For example, a person at the beginning of their weight loss journey might say to themselves: “I feel so slow” could reframe that thought to: “I want to get faster, and will keep working on this”. The reframed statement focuses on positive future action and that can offer more motivation. It’s honest but not defeating! The goal is to reframe negative, self-defeating thoughts in a way that encourages growth and motivation.

4. Reinforce and Repeat

You’ll trip up along the way and negative self talk will creep in but much like a lot of things in this world, practice makes strength!

Reinforce and repeat the above steps to hone your ability to crush the negative self talk.

When we shift “can’t” to “can” and reduce statements which talk negatively on our current limitations and/or capabilities, we can make huge impacts to the results we will get.

Stick with me for the month as we go through more strategies to rewire your brain!

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