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  • Lisa Kelly

Add More Food First!

One thing I don’t do with Refire clients is tell them what they can’t eat.

Call me crazy, but when has telling someone they can’t do or have something ever solved anything?!

I’m a rebel at heart, so to me, saying I “can’t” equals a challenge in my mind! LOL anyone else?!

So here’s another nutrition tip for you….

Tip 4: Add More First

Focusing on what you can’t eat puts you in a scarcity mindset, which triggers stress and panic. The good news is you don’t have to focus on the can’ts.

It’s more effective and sustainable to focus on adding healthy things to your plate, rather than subtracting the so-called “bad” things.

Let’s go over what to add!


Protein is one of the three macronutrients your body needs to function. Your body needs it to build and repair muscles, maintain bone density and keep your fullness cues on!

One serving of protein is about the size and thickness of your palm. Start with adding half a palm of protein to meals and snacks. Over time, you can increase the amount to a full palm serving.

Some ideas for protein: meats like chicken / turkey / pork, seafood, eggs and dairy, beans and legumes, and certain grains (like quinoa). Protein powders and supplements can also be useful when you aren’t able to get it from a whole-food source.


If you’re not eating veggies and fruit often, your meals and snacks probably lack a lot of colour. It’s time to add the rainbow to your plates as often as you can!

Adding vegetables and fruit to your day has the power to:

o Provide your body with fibre (helps you feel less hungry and keeps your digestive system working smoothly)

o Give you tons of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that your body needs

o Help you feel fuller without adding many calories.

So chase the rainbow. And season it! I discovered I love a wide range of veggies when I started seasoning them, it really helps!

Fresh, canned, frozen — every version of produce is acceptable (just watch for added sugar in canned fruit).

Here are some easy tricks for slipping more veggies into your day:

o Add carrots and cucumber alongside your snack of chips and dip

o Add greens to your smoothie (you really can’t taste just a handful!)

o Upgrade your scrambled eggs and toast to a veggie omelet and toast


You knew this was coming right?

If you want more energy, more strength, more focus and to feel less bloated – water is your friend! Being hydrated is a huge part of nutrition.

Some tips to make this one easier is to:

o Setting a timer to take a few gulps every 45 minutes.

o Carrying a water bottle around like a newborn baby (it’s with you at all times!)

Ideally, aim for about half your body weight in ounces per day (so if you weigh 150 pounds, shoot for 75 ounces). Though if you’re not drinking much water to begin with, any improvement counts!

There you go! Add first before you consider taking away and you won’t feel so deprived.

Last tip: Don’t try everything above all at once though, pick an addition to start with and go from there!

Want to create real change? Reach out today!


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