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  • Lisa Kelly

Client Spotlight: Lorraine

Have a break from me telling you how fitness can work for you no matter your lifestyle and hear it from a client instead!

Meet Lorraine - She's a mom, step mom, wife, daughter, friend, full-time worker and the list goes on! She signed up for online personal training as she was starting to feel out of shape and wanted to feel better. Lorraine started training 2x a week by following her custom designed plan through the Refire Fitness app and is now up to 4x a week with some added yoga for good measure! She jumped right into her workouts with an open mind and trusted the process - I absolutely love being along side her on this journey as she keeps getting stronger and stronger!

Lorraine: "I’m not new to working out and have tried a few times but nothing really stuck. I’ve gone to gyms in the past but usually because I had something big coming up, like a wedding! But once the occasion was over, then so was going to the gym. I’m also getting close to 50 and noticed changes in how I felt and looked and realized that I needed to make a change. I was feeling what I termed as “soft”.

The main catalyst for all of this was my daughter…I want to be around for her as long as possible and I knew that staying healthy was going to be a good way to make sure that happened.

I saw Lisa at a lunch function with some friends and we chatted a little about what she does and how it works. It took a few weeks to screw up the courage to call but once I did, I was hooked!

It was hard at first and there are still times that I feel like I’m going to die from the moves but I noticed a change within the first month and haven’t looked back since! I feel like I have more energy and I actually look forward to working out... never thought those words would come out of my mouth!

I’ve increased my workouts to 4x per week and appreciate the fact that I can do it from home, in my basement. It gives me an hour or so for just me…no chatting, no interruptions…just me time! So it’s not only helped my physical health but mental health too. I would rarely take time for myself before but now it’s planned and I look forward to that time to just workout and focus.

I have also changed my nutrition along with working out regularly. I don’t deprive myself of anything in particular but everything is in moderation now. I don’t miss that extra helping of fries or that 2nd piece of cake!

My daughter is still my “why” but I’ve also added myself in there too. I’m doing this for me and my overall health. I’ve lost inches which makes me feel great about myself and my husband thinks I look fantastic - another bonus!

Personal training has been great for me and I would highly recommend it. Lisa made a plan specifically designed for me, focusing on the areas I need to improve upon and is always there if I have questions or just need to brag about my accomplishments! This is something I never felt from a formal gym.

I’m never going to be a size 6 and frankly, I don’t need or want to be. I’m thankful for reaching out to her and making the changes that I have…this is a lifetime commitment now that I feel confident I can keep up throughout the years to come!"

Do you want to share your story? Are you ready to start making progress? Reach out!


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