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  • Lisa Kelly

Do You Have Diet Damage?

If I had a dollar for each time I was asked "What's the best diet I should go on?", I'd be a lot less broke. Well, probably not since I like food and motorcycles...I'd just spend more, really.

As a personal trainer, I get asked a lot about diets and which ones I support.

And people get annoyed with my answer.

Because my answer is...none.

Diets are a bunch of crock. I don't like them and I don't support any of them.

It's not my job to support them.

I prefer to assist clients with improving their relationships with food and when I do that work with clients, we always come to find that diets have actually been a disservice for them, not a success tool.

So, suck it diets!

Most of us have tried the diets. We've spent years attempting to find one that works but it usually ended up in complete defeat.

Why? Because diets come with start and end dates, they come with strict rules, they rarely offer flexibility and they tend to have us revolve our lives around food.

And if you're a human adult that's spent any time on this planet, then you don't have time for that!

Not to mention, the negative impacts dieting (especially chronic dieting) has on us. Does any of this look familiar:

Disordered eating patterns With diets, we get used to eating according to external factors rather than listening to our own cues and this can create havoc. It can lead to cycles of restriction, followed by periods of binging. In some cases, the desire for control over food can even develop into more serious eating disorders.

Food Guilt Thanks to diets and the diet culture, so many foods have been labelled as good or bad. Food itself, isn't good or bad, it's food. It's either very nourishing for our bodies or it's not so nourishing for our bodies. Diets make us think we have to be "on" and perfect all the time and if not, we should feel guilty. It's just not realistic, it's okay to be off sometimes!

Self Image And thanks to diet damage, our self esteems have taken a beating! So many people attached what and how they eat to mean who they are as a person - example: a bad person for eating a cookie!....what?! Diets have us doubting ourselves all the time and that impacts our overall well being.

Do the work needed to heal your relationship with food so you can let go of dieting and make healthy eating habits a part of your lifestyle - and give the diet culture the middle finger for me, while you're at it!

Of course, if you would like to start this journey together, I'm right here when you're ready!


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