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  • Lisa Kelly

Foods That Help You Sleep

If you've been told (unless it was from a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL for medical reasons) to not eat past 8pm because you'll gain weight - forget about it! Seriously, take that nonsense out of your brain right now.

It's a good idea to have already eaten most of your meals before night time - if you work and live a typical schedule. But you don't have to worry about the clock - if you are actually hungry at night, it's okay to eat. It's what you eat that matters - not when.

There are some great snacks you can eat at night that will satisfy your hunger AND help you get a better night's sleep - and who doesn't want that?!

1. Kiwi

Full of flavour and fun to eat - this fruit also contains serotonin which is a sleep hormone and is high in folate (a folate deficiency can play a part in insomnia)

2. Cherries

Tasty and fun to eat also! Cherries have melatonin in them which is a hormone that signals to our bodies that it is time to go to sleep.

3. Bananas

Help your muscles relax at night with bananas since they have high contents of potassium ad magnesium. Both of these have a positive effect on our sleep.

4. Almonds

Nuts are always a great option but almonds are the best for sleep since they have calcium. Calcium helps the brain convert other nutrients into melatonin.

5. Yogurt

Choose greek yogourt for protein and tryptophan to help you doze off.

6. Turkey

Same as a holiday meal - eat some turkey before bed to feel sleepy! Tryptophan is found in turkey and has powerful sleep-inducing effects.

Hungry at night? Snack your way to better sleep!


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