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  • Lisa Kelly

Free Recipe Pack!

Nutrition is where most of us struggle - what do I eat? What should I make? What's for dinner?...

And on and on it goes!

I work with clients to coach them good habits when it comes to nutrition but have been working on a way to take it further. This month, I launched something that I think will come in handy.

Refire Fitness clients will have a new feature added to their plans - monthly recipe packs! These packs include 15 recipes to inspire - as well as a shopping list and suggested weekly menu that shows them how to use the recipes to build a complete plan.

And I'm giving you a sneak peek with a free recipe pack! You'll get a PDF filled with recipes to try or just to inspire - you'll get a full shopping list and weekly planner. No guess work - just awesome meals!

Download the free pack below:

Download PDF • 7.78MB

Ready to create real change and commit to your health? Reach out today!


Refire Fitness is active on social media and aims to provide an engaging community with education on fitness, nutrition and mental health. Join me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest !



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