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  • Lisa Kelly

Getting Motivated and Staying Motivated – Here’s How You Do it!

Not a person who works out? Never started a workout before? Started but fizzled out on fitness in the past? Feel zero motivation to deal with anything labeled “healthy”?

Most of us…myself included, we've all been there, done that, and got the oversized T-shirt. Several actually!

Added along with work stress and life stress, exercise can feel like an absolute chore and something that reminds you of past failures. No wonder you don’t want to do it!

I get asked often “Where do you get the motivation to workout all the time?” First off, I don’t workout all.the.time…just some of the time. And second, I only have motivation some of the time!

There are 2 things I focus on to keep me consistent – and have zero to do with motivation:

1.      My habits – when my motivation fails, my habits stay strong and keep me showing up because I’ve created them into routines that mostly happen on auto-pilot. I’ve built them into my life just like I have brushing my teeth, showering, making meals etc…

2.      I do what I actually enjoy – when it comes to working out, I stick with styles I actually frigging like. This includes kickboxing, walking, weight lifting, yoga…I don’t do things that I hate such as crossfit, running, cycling etc…

The truth is motivation is a fickle companion. It dazzles on its good days but disappears all together on other days. It’s a fleeting emotion – do not trust it. So instead I rely on the two points above and I encourage you to as well!

So armed with that knowledge, how do YOU get motivated and then consistent? I’m glad you asked 😊…

  • Discover How You Want to Play Turn exercise into a means to have fun, not punishment. It can shake you out of feeling stressed, as long as the workout brings you some joy. So whether it’s yoga, walking, swimming, dancing, or any other style, as long as you enjoy it, it’s more like play than it is a workout! Your body is the boss here – take a listen. It knows if you hate biking, love boxing or roller derby, and it knows what activities you’ve always wanted to try. You get to pick what works!

  • Pick Two Healthy Habits and Build At Refire, I coach all clients on habit building since it helps with fitting health and fitness into your life instead of forcing it. Of course, we don’t want to do it all at once, since that only sets you up for failure. I encourage you to start by picking to habits and working on doing them daily. From there, you can add more as you go! Here are some suggested habits:

    • Drinking at least 60oz of water a day

    • Getting at least 7000 steps a day

    • Eating fresh veggies and/or fruits with every meal and snack daily

    • Taking 30 minutes a day for yourself (to move, read or do something you enjoy)


If you feel those embers burning…those embers of change, then you can fuel that fire by focusing on activities you will enjoy and building habits that serve you well into your daily life.

And if you’re ready for real change with some support, well you know where to find me 😉.


Want one on one coaching? Reach out today!


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