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  • Lisa Kelly

Mind Wars: Use That Beautiful Brain for Good

If you've ever battled the relentless tug of bad habits, failed resolutions, or found yourself stuck in a rut that even a bulldozer couldn't shift, this one's for you. (Oh and also, we’ve all experienced this because we’re human and we’re flawed so no judgement here!)

We're about to explore the incredible power of your brain – the same gray matter responsible for those habits you can't quite shake – and how you can turn it into your secret weapon for health, fitness, and overall wellbeing.

Obviously, I’m no neuroscientist, but I am obsessed about learning all things brain science, so I’ve gathered lots of facts from my readings and videos over the years – I’m sharing my notes from it all, that’s it, just sharing!

Neuroscience Nugget #1: The Habitual Highway First, let's tackle that age-old problem: bad habits. You know, the ones that make you stay up late binge-watching cat videos or reaching for that bag of chips instead of a healthier snack. Well, guess what? It's not entirely your fault – it's your brain's sneaky way of saving energy.

Our brains love to create neural pathways to make things easier. It's like they paved a superhighway to your bad habits for the sake of efficiency. So, how do you conquer this highway and redirect it to Healthyville? Hold tight and keep reading….

Tip #1: Create Detours for Bad Habits The brain adores routine. Break it! Whenever you feel that familiar urge to engage in a not-so-healthy habit, trick your brain by introducing a new, healthier routine instead. Swap out Netflix and chips for a good book and apple slices. Change takes practice, but it works!

Neuroscience Nugget #2: The Reward System Ah, the brain's reward system – the real MVP of your cravings. When you eat that chocolate bar or hit the snooze button instead of going for a run, your brain releases a flood of feel-good chemicals, making you feel, well, fantastic.

Tip #2: Hijack the Reward System Here's the deal: you can totally manipulate this system to your advantage. When you finish a great workout or make a healthy choice, your brain still pumps out those feel-good chemicals. So, whenever you conquer a workout, enjoy the euphoria, and revel in the satisfaction of a job well done.

Are you a nerd for this stuff too?! If you want to dig deeper into this process and change your brain, then the Refire Your Mind program is for you! Find out more...

Neuroscience Nugget #3: Visualize Your Success Ever heard of the "mind-muscle connection"? It's not just for serious bodybuilders; it's for anyone who wants to create lasting habits. Visualizing your goals can help make them a reality. Seriously.

Tip #3: Create a Vision Board for Your Goals No, I'm not talking about Pinterest. I'm talking about creating a vision board in your mind. See yourself rocking that swimsuit on a beach or crushing your personal best at the gym. The more you visualize your success, the more your brain is convinced it's possible.

Neuroscience Nugget #4: The Power of Consistency Our brains crave consistency. They need routine and predictability like your cat needs attention. Establishing a routine around your health and fitness goals can help make those habits stick.

Tip #4: Create a Schedule and Stick to It If you're not a fan of routine, well, your brain doesn't care – it needs structure. At the very least, plan your workouts and some meal prep. Consistency reinforces your commitment to healthier habits, and your brain is more likely to play along.

The brain is a tricky beast, but it's also your best ally in the battle for healthier habits. Whether you're trying to quit late-night snacks, slay your fitness goals, or just lead a healthier life, remember that your brain has the power to change and adapt. You can outwit those bad habits, forge new neural pathways, and create the healthier, happier you that you've always wanted.

The Refire Your Mind program is exactly what I’ve created to walk clients through the process of taking back their brain power and developing healthier habits. It’s a module-based course that coaches you through video lessons, downloadable resources and worksheets. I’m opening this program up again in January 2024! Be sure to secure your spot

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