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  • Lisa Kelly

The Real Reason You Resist Exercise

I can hear you already, shouting all the reasons you have for not working out. I know, I get it…but just hear me out!

All those reasons, while valid, are not the actual REAL reason you are not working out. The biggest reason people struggle to adopt a healthy lifestyle is finding the motivation to change. Change is frigging hard. It’s scary. And it requires lots of shifts. Usually uncomfortable shifts. In fact, it’s so scary and uncomfortable to us, that most of us don’t even realize that the fear of change is what truly holds us back. Instead, we turn the blame to external factors like…

· Not having enough time

· Not knowing what to do

· Lacking the proper equipment or gear

Those kinds of factors don’t make working out any easier…but they also don’t make it impossible.

The only true thing that’s holding you back…is you.

(I know, that kind of stings, sorry).

As an example, I’ve never actually met anyone who couldn’t really drop what they were doing and get through a 15 minute bodyweight workout. That’s less time than it takes to warm up the car on a freezing cold day, for your coffee machine to heat up and brew….heck you wouldn’t even have to change your clothes!

So it’s not any of the above mentioned reasons holding them back, it’s their mindset on change.

If we look at the theory of change model, it says there are stages to change:

1. Precontemplation (not even thinking about change, in denial that there is a problem)

2. Contemplation (Aware of the benefits of change, but still indifferent towards it)

3. Preparation (Begin making small steps towards change, seek direction)

4. Action (direct actions being taken to make change happen)

5. Maintenance (Actively works to keep the change and not revert back)

For our focus today, I want to stick to stage 2…Contemplation. Because this is likely a familiar friend to a lot of us. We spend a lot of time here --- months, sometimes years.

And most of us never make it past the stage.

This stage gets real about what change could look like but the steps and effort it shows us are needed…scares the crap out of us. Have you set up shop here? Feel comfy in this stage?

I can relate. But if you are stuck in this stage, you can start to get those wheels turning again and move yourself out of it.

It’s important that you because being stuck in this stage leads to a lot of resentment and since it was you that got yourself stuck here, where do you think that resentment gets directed towards?

Yup, yourself.

Then suddenly, ten years goes by and all you have is permanent residence in Contemplation filled with broken wants and built up resentment.

If you’ve read this far, you are already showing signs of wanted to evict yourself out of the Contemplation stage so let me share some steps that can help you begin that move….

Step 1: Realize it’s normal. It’s quite okay to feel “meh” about what you need to do to make change. You’re not the only one feels indifferent. You are not broken.

Step 2: Remind yourself this stage is not a home. You weren’t meant or made to live here. You unpacked your packs here because you felt stuck, but dang it, it’s time to pack back up and move on!

Step 3: Dig for your why. You contemplated the change for a reason. What was it?

I take all clients through a “Finding Your Why” session for this specific reason. We dig for that true Why that will get them moving and keep them moving!

If you want to move past this stuck stage, I can help! Reach out today! And stick around for the month of March, I’ll show you how to reset your thoughts on exercising and healthy living.


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