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Kick Ass and Get Fit!

A Kickboxing Program designed to get
you moving and kicking butt

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This is no typical workout program - it's not about weights, reps or burpees (thank all the higher beings!). 

Blaze by Refire Fitness is a kick ass program designed to get you moving, your heart rate up and introduce you to your inner warrior.  

You'll get follow along videos to coach you through proper movements and show you just how fun (and me on this one!) kickboxing can be. 

What’s Included:

  • Access to the Refire Fitness App with 4 weeks of video workouts to follow 

  • Progress tracking with photos, body stats and workout tracker 

  • Access to personal trainer via text, phone or email for the entire duration of the program

  • Scheduled check-ins for kick-ass support and accountability 

  • Nutrition information, meal ideas and support as needed

Blaze Program Pricing:

  • $80.00 plus applicable taxes (4 weeks)
    Includes: Refire Fitness app access, 4 week plan, nutrition guidelines, progress tracking, 30 days of access to personal trainer for support​​




Feel Bad Ass While Getting Fit!

There is something therapeutic about learning to fight and hitting stuff! You'll have to try it for yourself to really know what I mean. 

This program is for you if: 

  • You've tried some workouts but find you get bored quickly and end up giving up 

  • You've always wanted to know (even secretly) how to properly punch, kick and defend yourself

  • You want to feel strong, capable and fit from the comfort of your own home

With this program: 

  • I will get you highly energized and feeling challenged so that you keep coming back for more!

  • I'll coach you through wicked cool fight stances and proper kicks and punches to kick butt

  • You need nothing more than you're body and your smartphone to be feeling strong in a matter of weeks


With Blaze, I'm available as your trainer for support and accountability. Since the program is delivered fully through the app, you workout when and where you want but I'm still right in the palm of your hand!

RF Blaze Logo.png

Here's what they say about me...

Rebecca F.

"Refire Fitness is the judge free personal training program you need in your life. Lisa is 100% understanding and encouraging.  She easily creates a fitness plan based on your needs, goals and current fitness level. Sharing your personal struggles with someone who’s fit and cute is hard. But she honestly made me feel so comfortable in my own skin."
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