Meet your
coffee fueled, big dog loving, heavy lifting and sarcastic fitness coach.

Yes, I am what you've been missing and no, I'm not your average trainer!



I am  the real deal - just like you! I'm a mom, wife, career woman and about a dozen other things to a lot of people. I get real life, I get real schedules and I am 100% driven to show you it's possible to get strong and healthy despite all of that!

I pride myself as a trainer on knowing exactly what you need, whether itโ€™s a few more reps or an encouraging text message.  I encourage curse words, sweat, dance breaks and for you to laugh at my jokes. 


I didn't always crave healthy food or feel the urge for a good workout. It was a habit that I developed once I decided I had enough of feeling tired and sluggish. So with some small changes and mild determination, I lit a spark to a fire within that I didn't even know was there. I RE-FIRED my mind and body...I'm not perfect, I don't look like a model but I've never felt better and that's life changing!


This journey has led me to a passion of living life feeling good and I knew I wanted to help others. I am a NASM certified personal trainer and an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist.


I've created Refire Fitness to show you how to move more and fuel your body better!

ยฉ 2021 by Refire Fitness

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