Meet your
coffee fueled, big dog loving, heavy lifting and sarcastic fitness coach.

Yes, I am what you've been missing and no, I'm not your average trainer!



I am  the real deal - just like you! I'm a mom, wife, career woman and about a dozen other things to a lot of people. I get real life, I get real schedules and I am 100% driven to show you it's possible to get strong and healthy despite all of that!

I pride myself as a trainer on knowing exactly what you need, whether it’s a few more reps or an encouraging text message.  I encourage curse words, sweat, dance breaks and for you to laugh at my jokes. 


Now, you may be thinking, “I’ve tried this so many times before and never been able to stick with it long term. Why would this time be any different?”. I can tell you exactly why this time will be different.


It’s because, in addition to being a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I’m also a Certified Consistency Coach™.


This means that I’m trained in a unique set of tools and strategies that are based on the science of the brain! This allows me to address what has often been the missing piece of the puzzle and help my clients overcome self-sabotage, get out of their own way and finally stick with positive choices consistently where they may have failed in the past. 


I've created Refire Fitness to show you how to move more and fuel your body better without restrictive diets, weird trends and awful detoxes! I coach real life lifestyle changes that are enjoyable and keep your feeling strong.