No more guesswork.

Never train alone again.

Professional coaching and support delivered expertly online!


Custom Personal Training

Personalized training and habit coaching tailored to you

Would access to a personal trainer and accountability without having to leave your home or rearrange your schedule sound perfect to you? Then this is the exact service you need! You’ll get personalized and dedicated service that fits right into your current life. It’s the perfect freedom, flexibility and accountability balance that will fuel your fire and make fitness work for you!


Progressive 3 level training program to get you strong!

RefireFit Method - Program

This unique method was designed and developed by myself, Lisa Kelly. I've poured lots of sweat into this to trial and tested it - it's a progressive program that will keep your body guessing. Three levels takes you through 21 weeks of training and I'm with you the whole time!

Blaze by Refire Fitness - Program


Online 4 Week Kickboxing Program

Want to workout, feel bad ass and learn some cool tricks to bust out at a party? (Just kidding, for use only when sober!) I've packed Blaze with my favourite style of working out - kickboxing! Train with me for four weeks through circuit styled workouts that kick butt and get you feeling strong in the comfort of your own home!


Private Studio 1-on-1 Personal Training

1 Hour Personal Training Sessions in Trenton, ON

Expert 1-on-1 personal training delivered in a private studio gym. It might not have the fanciest of equipment and there's some pet hair from time to time, but it's got everything you need to fuel your fire! Including me, and I think I'm pretty funny, so there's that... 


No group work here - just some therapy!

Private Kickboxing Classes

Learn to kick actual butt in the privacy of the studio gym with expert guidance and things to hit (even me sometimes!). You'll get an awesome workout and feel like a badass - plus, and trust me on this, there's something very therapeutic about it.