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The Perfect Program That Grows With You

Expert programming that lets you train when and where you want

3 Level Progressive Program


Next start date is: September 9, 2024
This program will only be offered at select dates throughout the year and will have limited to spots to ensure dedicated support from me, your friendly and sarcastic trainer!

This done for your program takes you through 12 weeks of fitness training to get you feeling healthier and stronger. You won't get bored and your body will be kept guessing!

You’ll also get me, you're friendly (although sarcastic) personal trainer, right along side you. Through the Refire Fitness app, I'll track your progress through the program and be there for support, accountability and the sometimes needed kick in the butt (umm...I mean...motivation). 

What’s Included:

  • 12 weeks of programmed workouts - step by step through the Refire Fitness App

  • 3 levels of training to work your way through - Refire Ignite, Refire Burn and Refire Melt

  • Progress tracking to watch your success - sync popular accounts like My Fitness Pal and FitBit

  • Nutrition information, meal ideas and support

  • Habit coaching with real life techniques and resources you keep!

  • Access to personal trainer for support, assistance and accountability 

RefireFit Method Pricing:

  • $300 plus applicable taxes (one time payment)
    Includes: Refire Fitness App access, step by step workouts, nutrition guidelines, progress tracking, habit coaching, all three levels of workouts, 12 weeks of access to personal trainer for support​​







A Full Program to Build Strong Habits 

The RefireFit Method is built on my unique style of training that I have spent years building for myself and coaching my clients through. It's progressive, grows with you and offers just enough challenge to get you results without feeling impossible. 


This program is for you if:

  • You're tired of trying and quitting and starting over - this program gets you building strong and consistent habits from the beginning and keeps progressing with you

  • You want to remove the guesswork of what you should be doing with your workouts - this method is planned out for you every step of the way 

  • You need support and accountability to stay motivated and focus on you - this program comes with a friendly personal trainer 

With the RefireFit Method: 

  • I understand you're tired and I've built this method to take you from beginner all the way through to a well seasoned workout machine (or you know, a strong, bad ass who knows what you're doing)

  • You can leave all the guesswork behind - the program takes you through what you need to do, keeping you focused and challenged 

  • I am with you the whole time - not in a stalker way, a motivating way, I promise! I'll be available for any questions, a gentle kick in the butt or even just to vent too - you're not alone!


You can keep your stress for the kids, work, the spouse and crazy family members - sorry, I can't help with those - but with the RefireFit Method, you can remove the stress from your health and fitness. It's a done for you program that's ready to go. And bonus, it wasn't made by some computer and loaded with awful burpees - it was 100% created by me, a real life trainer, with real life expectations on what healthy means! 

RefireFit Method - Level Breakdown: 

Refire Ignite - 3 Weeks
The first 3 weeks takes you through the Ignite level. This is perfect to start out! You need no equipment for this level and it sets you up to get consistent with your workouts. You'll complete body weight circuits that are easy to do at home with little space. 

Refire Burn - 6 Weeks
The next 6 weeks takes you through the Burn level. We're adding fuel to that fire we ignited by heating up the workouts and making your good habits stronger. You'll need to add dumbbells for these circuit workouts that also include cardio bursts to add some more fire! 

Refire Melt - 3 Weeks

Welcome to the final 3 weeks - this takes you through the Melt level. We're raising the whole damn fire with this level by increasing the intensity of the workouts (trust me, you're ready!). You'll stick with your dumbbells for these workouts, maybe even going with heavier ones and torching through more cardio bursts.

Remember, I'm there with you the whole time! You'll never been left wondering with questions or lacking support. And just like everything else I coach - this is flexible and adaptable. It works on your schedule and moves can be modified if you have limitations or injuries. 

Get Refire Strong with the RefireFit Method! It fits both in the palm of your hand and your life!


Here's what they say about me...

Rebecca F.

"Refire Fitness is the judge free personal training program you need in your life. Lisa is 100% understanding and encouraging.  She easily creates a fitness plan based on your needs, goals and current fitness level. Sharing your personal struggles with someone who’s fit and cute is hard. But she honestly made me feel so comfortable in my own skin."
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