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You're already online,
why not workout?!

Create real change with online fitness
training that meets you where you are!

I see you scrolling and googling...
Tired of getting lost in a black hole of information?
Refire Fitness is powered by me, Lisa Kelly...a real, live and witty online personal trainer. My job is to remove all the guesswork so you can stop the death by scrolling and start kicking ass with your health and fitness goals. 

Are you ready to fuel your fire?

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No kale.
Some muscle.
All sarcasm.

Lisa Kelly - Refire Fitness

Owner and Trainer

I don't preach restrictions and diets to my clients because they don't work for most people long term and is short and food is good!


There is magic in the middle, where you can take care of yourself and enjoy the good stuff too. 


If you're looking to learn the art of a balanced lifestyle, here's your sign! 

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How Can I Help You Create Real Change?

Beginner? Advanced? Lost soul? 

Doesn't matter where you are, I've built my services to meet you where you are and progress with you!

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White Brick Wall

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Serving all of Canada

(613) 438-0966

Thank you so much for reaching out! I will get back to you within two business days or less. Have an awesome day!

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