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Fuel Your Fire with a Trial

A two week program to get a glimpse into the Refire Fitness world

Refire Fitter in 14

Get a feel for what Refire Fitness can offer you!

The perfect program to test the waters and see that getting healthier and fitter doesn't have to mean endless hours of workouts or complicated systems! You'll get 14 days planned for you with workouts, walks and active recovery days. 

What’s Included:

  • Access to the Refire Fitness App with 2 weeks workouts to follow 

  • Progress tracking with photos, body stats and workout tracker 

  • Access to personal trainer via text, phone or email for the entire duration of the program

Refire Fitter in 14 Program Pricing:

  • $40.00 plus applicable taxes (one-time payment)
    Includes: Refire Fitness app access, 2 week plan, progress tracking, 14 days of access to personal trainer for support​​

Here's what they say about me...

Rebecca F.

"Refire Fitness is the judge free personal training program you need in your life. Lisa is 100% understanding and encouraging.  She easily creates a fitness plan based on your needs, goals and current fitness level. Sharing your personal struggles with someone who’s fit and cute is hard. But she honestly made me feel so comfortable in my own skin."
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