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Create Real Change with the Power of Your Brain

Rewire your old thinking patterns to actually drive real change in your daily habits

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Next start date is: April 1, 2024
This program will only be offered at select dates throughout the year and will have limited to spots to ensure dedicated support from me, your friendly and sarcastic trainer!

You’ve had enough diets, trends, powders and products in your lifetime - it’s time to actually create real change for yourself. I’m so pumped to bring you this science based coaching that dives into the brain science behind your habits and how to overcome your struggles with health and fitness. 

In this program, I coach all the tools and strategies that help break old, unhealthy patterns with food. Through these tools and strategies, you’ll reprogram and rewire the way your brain thinks about what you eat. 

Over 4 weeks with me online, I’ll coach you through reprogramming your old “operating system” so that you learn to start working with your brain’s natural wiring instead of against it! This sets you up for long-term success that no longer feels like a daily fight. 

This program is for anyone struggling with food and unhealthy habits  - it’s for the emotional eaters, stress eaters, comfort food lovers. It’s for anyone who is done with dieting and ready to repair their relationship with food so that they can lose the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

How does the Refire Your Mind - Refire Your Body approach work? 

It helps you work with your body - most diets and weight loss programs set you up to fail by having you work against your brain and body’s natural wiring. In Refire Your Mind, I work with your natural hard-wiring to get lasting results that give you back control!

It removes restrictions - diets and other weight loss programs rely on deprivation, which actually triggers your brain to crave even more! In Refire Your Mind, no foods are off limits - I just help you change how much, how often and why you eat them. 

It goes to the root of the issue - most of your unhealthy choices around food are actually habits you have created to avoid uncomfortable feelings. In Refire Your Mind, we go under the surface to address the root cause and make changes there. 


What’s Included:

  • weeks of programmed video modules to work through with activities and worksheets delivered through the Refire Fitness app

  • Downloadable content and resources that are yours to keep

  • Progress tracking for fitness and nutrition (if you want) - sync popular accounts like My Fitness Pal and FitBit

  • Access to personal trainer for support, assistance and accountability 

Refire Your Mind Pricing:

  • $80 plus applicable taxes (one time payment)
    Includes: Refire Fitness App access, weekly video modules, progress tracking, worksheets and resources, access to personal trainer for support​​





In Refire Your Mind we don’t talk about carbs or calories…you’ve heard enough about that!
Instead we’re going to create real change by learning: 


  • ​How to  reprogram and rewire the old “operating system” in your brain that ultimately determines the choices you’re making around food;

  • ​How to master powerful practices like challenging your thoughts, reframing, visualization and journaling to start changing those old habits;

  • ​How your thoughts, feelings and food choices are connected and how to finally break those old patterns for good;

  • ​How neurotransmitters like dopamine are working in your brain to create cravings and exactly what you can start doing to outsmart them and take control back;

  • ​What to do with feelings like stress, sadness and boredom without feeling the desire to turn to food;

  • ​New approaches to self-care that will leave you feeling recharged and energized so that food eventually loses its power over you!


Create Real Change!

The Refire Your Mind program lets you start at the root of the issue when it comes to your eating habits and physical fitness. Your mind is a powerful tool and we're going to learn how to use it! 


This program is for you if:

  • You're tired of trying and quitting and starting over - this program gets you digging into the real issues

  • You want to start and commit to a healthy lifestyle - the modules teach you how to create real change

  • You need support and accountability to stay motivated and focus on you - this program comes with a friendly personal trainer

Here's what they say about me...

Rebecca F.

"Refire Fitness is the judge free personal training program you need in your life. Lisa is 100% understanding and encouraging.  She easily creates a fitness plan based on your needs, goals and current fitness level. Sharing your personal struggles with someone who’s fit and cute is hard. But she honestly made me feel so comfortable in my own skin."
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