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Fuel Your Fire With a Touch of Guidance 

Access to expert health and fitness content anytime you want!

Refire OnDemand

Monthly Membership to the Refire Fitness App

Want access to a fitness app that is actually *gasp* created and managed by an actual, live personal trainer?!
There are no bots here, just me! Your friendly personal trainer who knows a thing or two about creating effective workouts (actually, it's a lot more than two's a decade of things!). 

And through the Refire Fitness app, I've created a ton of content that is accessible with a monthly membership. This is for you if you're wanting to manage on your own but still want to have the guesswork removed! You'll gain access to a variety of follow along video workouts, habit courses and motivational topics to keep you engaged and moving. Plus, I'm right on the other side and available through messaging in the app. 


What’s Included:

  • Access to the Refire Fitness App and a content library that is updated regularly 

  • Content includes workouts, nutrition courses, habit coaching courses and motivational content

  • Progress tracking with photos, body stats and workout tracker 

  • Access to personal trainer via the messaging function in the app

Refire OnDemand Subscription Pricing:

  • $50.00 plus applicable taxes (monthly payment)
    No contracts - Cancel anytime




Manage Your Health and Fitness - With Just a Touch of Guidance

You know your stuff and know what you like, but having instant access to the tools you need to succeed means no more guessing or planning - you just have to show up! 

This service is for you if: 

  • You know what workouts you enjoy, you just want to have access to professional follow along versions

  • You are self directed, but would love a one stop app that tracks it all for you

  • You want all access, all the time to health and fitness content delivered by a real person 

With this service: 

  • I will give you access to regularly updated effective video workouts that keep your body guessing

  • The Refire Fitness App gives you access to the content library as well as tracking all your progress in one app

  • You'll get effective, designed for real life, videos and courses that are created personally by me!


With Refire OnDemand, I'm available as your trainer for support and accountability. Since the content delivered fully through the app, you have instant access at all times, palm of your hand!

Here's what they say about me...

Rebecca F.

"Refire Fitness is the judge free personal training program you need in your life. Lisa is 100% understanding and encouraging.  She easily creates a fitness plan based on your needs, goals and current fitness level. Sharing your personal struggles with someone who’s fit and cute is hard. But she honestly made me feel so comfortable in my own skin."
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