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  • Lisa Kelly

Mental Barriers to Healthier Living

Just as quickly as we can talk ourselves into committing to working out and eating better, we can come up with endless reasons and/or excuses as to why we can’t do it today. We tell ourselves we’ll do it tomorrow - and when tomorrow comes, we'll have another excuse. Love me or hate me, but I’m going to show you how to overcome some of the common mental barriers we put up:


If you are experiencing an injury or feeling pain, it can be really difficult to stick to a workout routine. But depending on your injury or pain, movement can help the healing process along. A trainer can also walk you through exercises that allow you to workout safely without causing more pain or additional injury.

Tiredness / Exhaustion

One of the most common barriers we face is exhaustion – we’re pulled in multiple directions and schedules are jam packed. So it can seem easier to give into the exhaustion than to expend more energy with a workout. But getting active can energize you with a second wind and will improve quality of sleep.

No Time

Trying to figure out how to squeeze in a workout in your day can seem impossible. It can easily been seen as just another obligation to add to your list. But changing your mindset on this will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Instead of seeing it as an obligation you have to find time for, start to think of it as time set aside for yourself – as part of self care and down time. Schedule it as you would your lunch or breaks – make it a priority and it won’t take long until you start to look forward to your workouts.

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