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  • Lisa Kelly

Manage Negativity About Your Body and Food Choices

Everyone one is a critic and everyone has an opinion on how/when/what you should eat and look. It can be hard to get through a day without a negative comment regarding your body and the food you eat. There is no one way that suits everyone when it comes to body image and food - so while it would be nice if people just kept their comments to themselves, we know it probably isn't going to happen. But there are things you can do to help yourself stay focused on your own health despite the comments!

1. Lay out some boundaries.

What we do and say teaches people how to treat us. If what people are commenting to you really bothers you, you have the right to to tell them to stop and to let them know that you will not accept it. State what it is about their comments that bother you and say you would like them to stop. You can stand up for yourself in a polite manner and you should.

2. Don’t take it personally.

What people do and say shows more about them than you. Remember it is merely their thought pattern and their opinion they are stating - it doesn't mean it has to hold any weight in your life or value system. Those who are happy with themselves and truly want to be in your life will do what they can to lift you up in a positive way.

3. Mind your progress and do what works.

No matter how well you are doing, you are bound to meet someone who will tell you there's a better way or quicker solution. Stay the course with what is working for you! You can keep an open mind to find new things to try - but make them additions to your routine, not complete changes. If you are making progress then keep doing what works for you!

4. Remind them it's your body.

You'll hear people tell you not to eat carbs, or to stop eating after 8pm or to go vegan, etc...the list is never ending! A subtle reminder to people that it's your body and your choice will help back them off. We are all able to choose the path that is best for us and it's important to respect people's choices, but not okay to try to dictate our beliefs onto them. Let them know you appreciate that they want to share ideas with you but their approach is negative and their choice is not going to be yours.

The more you can develop your ability to not let negative comments affect your choices, the happier you will be and sometimes that means being firm with people.

What comments do you hear all the time about your body or food choices? How do you deal with them on a daily basis?

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