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  • Lisa Kelly

Is Your Nutrition Helping or Hindering You?

We don’t typically connect issues we deal with to our nutrition, but it is actually linked more than we think. The way our bodies process the foods we eat can create harmony or havoc both inside and outside!

Your nutrition should support your desire to look and feel great. Here’s a quick checklist to assess if your nutrition is doing your body good:

  • You have seen changes in your shape and weight

  • Your skin and hair look and feel healthier (shine, bounce, smooth, etc...)

  • Your sleep has been improved

  • Your stress levels have lowered

  • You feel an increase in energy

  • You have a lot less food cravings throughout the day

  • Your digestion has improved (less bloating, less stomach issues, feel lighter)

If you consider yourself a “healthy” eater but can’t check off a lot of the above list, you might want to take a harder look at the foods you eat. Good nutrition includes a lot of fresh foods and variety!


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