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  • Lisa Kelly

Calm Anxiety With Exercise

If I could get only one message across, I would choose for that message to be that physical fitness is an excellent coping, and sometimes healing, method for mental health issues. In my daily work, I encounter many people faced with anxiety. Many of them are inactive or have low levels of physical activity. Whether that is by choice, bad habits or due to their anxiety is irrelevant - they are missing a whole component to their treatment plan if they are not including any physical fitness!

These are just some types of physical activity you can start using to help ease anxiety - find the right type for you. If you enjoy it, the more likely it will help calm you.

Yoga This popular workout style is both calming and challenging. It can help you relax your mind and your body as well as teach you excellent breathing techniques.

Cardio Any cardio will do! Few things can relieve stress like a heart-pumping and sweaty workout. You'll clear your mind by focusing on pushing yourself and feel a surge of good energy,

Weight Training Lifting weights can get you out of your head for a period of time while you focus closely on form and repetitions. It also has a calming and relaxing effect as your muscles will tire out, leaving you feeling relaxed.

What workouts will you try? Add physical activity to daily life!


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