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  • Lisa Kelly

Refire 2020 Refresh Program

Here's to launching into 2020 with a sense of purpose and riding the new year high!

Instead of promising yourself to "be good" and get serious about fitness, sign up for some real change!

The 2020 Refresh program is a 4 week online training program I've created that let's you ease into a routine and start building some habits.

Also, you can do it from your living room, in your PJ's ...without getting into a cold, ice covered car - so bonus points right?!

Here's how the program works:

  • You get access to the Refire Fitness App where you can follow the planned workouts, track your progress and communicate with me anytime

  • 3 workouts a week for 4 weeks - completely flexible and able to work with your schedule - no equipment needed

  • You'll be held accountable as I'll be checking in on your workout days waiting for that workout to be checked as completed (it's less creepy than it sounds, I promise)

  • I am available for questions, clarifications, modifications and venting sessions

All the guesswork is done for you and will launch your 2020 the right way!

With limited seats available, sign up today to secure your spot - email



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