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  • Lisa Kelly

Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips That Go Beyond Motivation

You set all the goals. You’ve made them bite sized, measurable and focused. You did all the things.

But now as the motivation inevitably starts to fade, what can you rely on to keep moving forward?

I’m offering 10 powerful tips to use that go beyond motivation and have the staying power you need!

1.      Say, “I will”: Kickstart your goals with powerful declarations, affirming your commitment rather than vague wishes. Don’t use “I hope I…” “I think I will…”. Use “I will” statements – it may seem silly but it’s a great way to convince yourself!

2.      Focus on fun: Make your goals enjoyable to increase your likelihood of sticking with them. Find ways to infuse fun and excitement into your journey. This could be through the music you workout too, the fitness class you try or the friend you invite to join you.

3.      Share your goals: Seek support from friends, family, or social networks by sharing your goals. Accountability and encouragement can significantly boost your chances of success.

4.      Put your goals where you can see them: Keep your goals visible to remind yourself of your objectives and stay focused on achieving them.

5.      Find your why: Identify the deeper reasons behind your goals to cultivate lasting motivation and resilience. (Bonus tip: Put your why where you can see it too – just like your goals! Serves as a great motivator).

6.      Create a schedule: Incorporate your goals into your daily or weekly routine, treating them with the same priority as other commitments. Your workouts are appointments with yourself that you can’t miss!

7.      Use the power of your mind: Adopt a growth mindset and envision yourself as someone capable of achieving your goals. This one is a big piece to the puzzle!

8.      Focus on what you can control: Direct your energy towards actions within your control, empowering yourself to effect positive change.

9.      Prepare for setbacks: Anticipate obstacles and setbacks, and develop strategies to overcome them without derailing your progress. They will happen and sometimes happen often, adapt and adjust, don’t quit.

10.   Don’t take an all-or-nothing approach: Embrace progress over perfection, celebrating incremental advancements towards your goals. If you’re familiar with Refire, you know that we use the “Always Something” approach instead! You might not be able to do it all, but do something each day that is positive towards your goals.

Unfortunately, just because you set goals, doesn’t mean you automatically summon motivation. If only it worked that way! Instead, it's about employing strategic approaches that propel you towards success, even when motivation wanes. Use all or some of these 10 tips to help you rely on more than just fleeting motivation.


Are you ready to take it to the next level? I offer one on one coaching to give you the accountability and support to create real change! Reach out today!


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