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  • Lisa Kelly

You Got Started, Now What? Stay on Track with Your Motivation

Great, you got started on a fitness journey, now what the actual?! You’ll find that the real challenge lies in sustaining the motivation to keep going.

Many of us have experienced the initial burst of enthusiasm only to see it wane over time. Ah, to be human, right?

Here are some real-life ways to help you maintain the great momentum you started with:

Understand your why

This one is big, and I make clients really dig for this one! Getting really clear about the purpose behind what you’re doing will give you true drive to keep going. Your “why” is what you can lean on when your motivation fades away because it will remind you that there’s a reason for it all!

Have a plan Don’t wing this, please oh please. Once you have a goal in place, a plan is will take your vision and break down the steps you need to get it done. A goal without a plan, as we know, is just a dream. In order to really stick with this journey, you’ll need a plan as your foundation.

Look for the bigger picture Yes, you may have started to lose a few pounds, but to keep your motivation going, think of the bigger picture. How does this relate not only to weight loss but your mental health? How will it contribute to something important? Where will this make a difference? To accomplish more, think bigger.

Keep it positive Positive thoughts lead to positive actions, and self-affirming statements will help you to achieve your best. Take control of how you think, how you feel, how you act. Positivity will help you make the choices that lead to accomplishment.

Break goals into manageable tasks One important key to your success will be your ability to break down your goals into shorter-term and smaller single tasks. Keep things manageable.

Tackle procrastination head on Don't make excuses or waste time rationalizing why you’re procrastinating. Instead, try to uncover the real reason for the delay and get to work immediately. The best way to begin something is just to begin.


And a huge important key to remember is you will go off track. It’s normal. But don’t stay there. Just get back on track with the next thing! We’re human, we’re gonna mess things up from time to time, but we don’t have to let it define the whole journey!


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