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  • Lisa Kelly

My Personal Fitness and Health Guidelines: What I Live By

I don’t eat kale or do burpees (because…why would you?!). I don’t eat chicken and broccoli for days on end (heck, I don’t even really eat broccoli!). I don’t spend hours working out every day (usually it’s 30-45 minutes a few times a week).

If you've followed Refire Fitness for awhile, then you know I do not believe in rigid rules or restrictions when it comes to being healthy. Instead, I coach building healthy habits that you can do consistently (that's where the results happen!).

The following are the guidelines I try to live by when it comes to my fitness and health - which promote those healthy habits. You can use these to get started on healthy changes or even just as motivation!

1. Water First: My day starts with water and ends with water. I aim to drink at least 60oz but frequently drink more than that. Why? Because it really is what makes me feel best. I can tell the difference on days where I drop the ball on drinking water. I make it easy for myself by carrying around a water bottle at all times.

2. Plan it Out: Meal prep isn't everyone's jam, but having a game plan is key to avoiding chaos. I’m not a super prepper or anything but I have a weekly plan that I follow where I have general ideas of what I’m having for supper most nights and make sure I have easy grab and go snacks available. My lunches will usually be leftovers from supper – again, make it easy!

3. Do More Than Cardio: Cardio is cool, but it’s not a magic fix. I make an effort to switch up and mix up my workouts from walks to runs to kickboxing to yoga and weight lifting etc…keeps my body guessing and the boredom at bay!

4. Eat to Fuel, Not Starve: I don’t look at food as a reward for myself, it’s just food. I eat what my body needs for what I put it through and I keep lots of room for comfort food too. Food is food – not good food or bad good. I’ve learnt to see food for what it is and I eat what I enjoy without depriving my body of the nutrients it needs which means…I have eat like an adult and get those veggies and fruit in!

5.Quitting is Not an Option: I might miss or fall off track, but I do not quit this journey. All the stumbles just keep me humble along the way! Quitting would me quitting on myself and my health – I can’t do that. I have a ton of “why’s” that keep my going that are directly connected to my personal value system. It’s been the best motivation for me and why I coach all clients to figure out their why before committing to any process.

6. Embrace the Challenge: Life is always happening and it’s not always easy but I embrace this. I make sure that I don’t sit in a comfort zone all the time but step out into areas that test me. Whether it’s a new workout or public speaking…I work through the hard parts because growth only comes from a little challenge!

Need a helping hand to turn these guidelines into action? Reach out today!


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