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  • Lisa Kelly

Fitness Can Help Depression

Depression can affect anyone at anytime – it can be felt by those who seem to have it all, by those who are wealthy and even the ones who always seem to be happy and positive. There is no “type” of person that is affected by depression, it can happen to all of us.

While depression is not something you can just snap out of or move on from – there are coping methods to fight it and that looks different for everyone. However, physical activity is often overlooked as a coping method.

We tend to label fitness as something for those who want to get in shape or lose weight – the more under valued reasons for working out is the fact that it makes you feel good overall and that can help your mental fitness as well. You can help fight off or alleviate symptoms associated with depression with physical activity and here’s how:

You’ll Sleep Better

Depression can make you feel exhausted despite not doing anything physical for long periods of time – worrying constantly and floods of negative thoughts can make for a poor nights sleep. By working out, you’ll give your body and mind a healthy reason to tired and soon enough you’ll be sleeping like a rock from!

You’ll Be More Focused

Being depressed can drain the ambition, drive and motivation right out of you. This not only effects your work and productivity in general but it also affects your friends and family since you’re want to do anything with or for them can suffer greatly. Working out can give you somewhere to put your focus – towards a specific goal – and light a spark to your drive and motivation, especially when you start to see results from your hard work.

You’ll Gain Confidence

It’s common for those suffering form depression to feel a lack of confidence and self worth. By being active and building towards something, you will start to associate value to yourself and your actions again. You’ll experience a sense of pride for accomplishing physical tasks and goals which in turn will bring up your confidence levels and make you feel more like you again.

You’ll Feel Energized

Getting out of bed or even up at all can be a hundred times harder if you’re suffering from depression but regular physical activity can add some pep to your step! You’ll feel more alert and awake from working out which will make getting out of bed easier. It’s a natural high!

You’ll be More Social

Suffering from depression can make you feel isolated and even avoid being around people at all. It’s easy to stay home, but committing to an activity or a group workout – even once a week – can get those who are depressed to be social in small doses and in small groups. This can help with feelings of loneliness and offer moments of companionship even in small spurts.

If you’re feeling down and have a lack of motivation, setting some small goals for fitness can help you spark some happiness back in your life. You’ll have something to focus on – whether it’s solo workouts or a group sport – the positive effects will be excellent coping methods to add to your fight in depression.


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