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  • Lisa Kelly

3 Habits for Instant Change

It can be overwhelming to think of all the things you want to change to become healthier – so much so that most of us just avoid it and don’t change anything! But you do not have to make huge changes to start adding healthier habits to your life and they do not have to be done all at once. I will show you three habits you can start doing right away to instantly change!

Drink More Water! You already knew I was going to say that, but it is the easiest and quickest way to start healthy changes within your body and outside your body as well. Water will do wonders for your stomach, bloating and indigestion issues. It will also improve skin condition, hair texture and nail strength. You will feel better overall and might even find yourself feeling less hungry over time.

Add Colour to Your Meals Another predictable piece of advice, but again super easy to implement right away. Start adding fruits and vegetables to your meals. They will add brightness to your food as well as an abundance of vitamins and nutrients that your body will soak up. They will also help with digestion and satisfying cravings.

Talk Nice to Yourself Positive self talk is overlooked as a powerful tool to add healthy change to your life. Think about how you would feel leaving the house in the morning if your inner voice was positive instead of negative. You can start including positive self talk right away with a little bit of practice. Every morning, focus on how great your clothes look, how much you love your hair or how organized you are. Let your inner voice focus on the things you love about yourself!

These habit changes cost no extra money, take up very little time and can be added to your daily routine right away. Even these three changes can make a huge impact on your health instantly.


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