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Lazy Snack Ideas

Despite me sharing some simple and easy meal prep ideas, I've had people ask me for no cook options for quick convenience. I get it, life is frigging busy and kids are super demanding (like, all.the.time) - even the easiest meal prep can seem overwhelming!

So I've gathered some of the laziest snacks I could think of - they are pretty much grab and go spare a few washing or mixing steps. And you can combine a few of them to create a meal!


Real food is always a good choice! Fruit is great, especially if you're craving something sweet not to mention you can't get most more grab and go than that! There are lots of choices - try something new!


No cooking and they can transport really well. Again, real food! The options are endless - you're bound to find some favourites.

Nuts & Seeds

You'll want to watch your portions on these, but this is a great option on the go. You can easily create your own mixes by portioning out different types.You can also buy them pre-packaged, but be sure to read the label and pick one that is not salted.

Deli Meat, Pepperoni or Salami Slices

Grab a few slices and you're ready to go! Be sure to pick brands that are natural and have the least amount of ingredients.


Choose full fat varieties! Laughing Cow and Babybel are easy to grab and go. I love string cheese - I can toss them in my bag and it's the perfect snack. Who doesn't like cheese?

Veggies with Salsa

Salsa is a great additional to veggies - I even top my salads with it. It's easy to portion out and take with you on the move!

Guacamole and Veggies

Wholly Guacamole makes mini size guacamole packs - grab your fave veggies and your snack is ready! Hope you got some inspiration from this list! Lazy enough for you? ;)


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