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  • Lisa Kelly

A Few of My Favourite Things

The market is filled with health and wellness products - some are great and some are useless! I'm not claiming to be an expert on what products fall into which category, but I do have some favourites I wanted to share! None of these are have to have's to be healthy or well, they just make me feel good and could possibly help you find some of your own favourites.

BCAA's This supplement is not required to be healthy and it is not a magical powder that will get you fit, but I love it for flavouring my water. If I'm needing a different taste than water, I'll add this instead of turning to juice or soda. It also helps in recovery and reduces muscle soreness after workouts. It helps me drink more water and enjoy it! I'm really liking MuscleTech MyoBuild 4X Amino BCAA's.

Foam Roller Great for after a workout or even just after a hard day! With a foam roller, you can give yourself a massage any where. By slowly rolling over your muscles, you'll break up scar tissue and help tight muscles release and relax.

Trigger Point Ball Or you can use a lacrosse ball like I do! You can find them at any sports store. Just like a foam roller, the trigger point ball lets you do a self massage. But the ball allows you to really isolate any problem areas and complete a deep tissue massage.

Bands Resistance bands are great for so many reasons - you can get a great workout from them. They are used a lot in rehabilitation, they travel well and they are so versatile. I like to use them when I feel like my body needs a break from the heavier weights - they offer less impact on my joints and muscles.

What are some of your favourite products? Let me know!


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