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Client Spotlight: Sarah's Fitness Journey Led Her to Mental Health Healing

I have shared a lot about how fitness has been an excellent tool in helping me strengthen my mental health - but I thought it would be great to hear from a current client about how she's seen improvements in her mental health as she became consistent with her workouts.

Meet Sarah - she's a 37 year old mother of two with a high pressure sales job and a husband who travels a lot for work. She signed up as an online training client since she did not have the ability to have time away from her kids to get to a gym. She needed at home workouts that she could fit in around her family's schedule.

Sarah: "I remember when I decided to reach out to Lisa at Refire Fitness. It was February, it was cold and I had been feeling heavy and tired since Christmas. I reached out on a whim, just for information and once we started talking, I knew I had connected with someone who understood where I was coming from.

I signed up for online training with Lisa with a goal of losing weight - that's all I was fixated on! I didn't like my body and I was tired of being tired. I had no idea what working out regularly would do for my mental health - but now I know why I found my way to Refire! I have never felt so driven before (and I don't mean in my sales job, I mean in my life!). I am driven to feel good every day, to nourish my body with good food and I am driven to be active with my family. In looking back to the months after Christmas, I realize I was experiencing self esteem and depression issues - but I never associated my feelings then with my mental health.

My workouts and communication with Lisa over the last few months have provided me with a new focus, healthier goals and a better feeling about my body. I am impressed with what my body can do now and every day I see it getting stronger! There is no doubt in my mind that if I had not reached out and started this journey, my mental health would have continued to decline and I would have ignored it for a lot longer! Fitness (and Lisa!) is now one of the tools I use to heal!"

Do you want to share your story? Are you ready to start making progress? Reach out!


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