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Client Spotlight: Christine

I have shared a lot about how fitness has been an excellent tool in helping me strengthen my mental health and take time for myself - but I thought it would be great to hear from a current client about how getting active has improved her life!

Meet Christine - She's a 47 year old mother, wife, sister, friend....(just to name a few!). She signed up for in person training as a first step to becoming more active. Since the first session, Christine has consistently shown up and put in the work. I look forward to our sessions together because though she may curse through some of it, she always pushes through and gets it done (also she loves my dog almost as much as I do!).

Christine: "I am one of those people that always puts things off till tomorrow.. but tomorrow never comes.. for years I have said I was going to start taking better care of myself by eating better and exercising and of course I never did.

There was always an excuse not to. A great number of things have changed in my life in the last couple of years and one thing I have learned is tomorrow is not promised to us. We take for granted there's always time.

I decided to give Refire Fitness (Lisa) a call to see if she could help me try to become a healthier, more active person (if it wasn't too late) well good news. It's NEVER TOO LATE. I'm so thankful I made the call and I am so very grateful to Lisa for helping me...pushing me.

Now I look forward to my workouts! I cant imagine not doing them. I'm not yet where I would like to be but I know I will get there with hard work determination and Lisa's encouraging words and guidance"

Do you want to share your story? Are you ready to start making progress? Reach out!


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