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  • Lisa Kelly

Good Mental Health Resolutions to Make

There is always a lot of focus and marketing on New Year's resolutions that are about our physical image - and our mental and emotional signs are neglected. Try something new this year and make some Mental Health just might be surprised on how much healing our inside can change our outside too...

  1. Remove any labels you had assigned to yourself or have allowed others to assign to you. This means that instead of thinking of yourself as overweight, anxious, depressed, etc… try telling yourself “I have depression and today I will exercise to help myself cope.”

  2. Commit to getting some form of physical activity daily (even if it is broken up throughout the day!). Do a workout, take a class, take the stairs all day, go for a walk, swim etc...anything!

  3. Talk kindly to yourself and about yourself. A positive outlook on ourselves is important and starts from inside.

  4. Focus on learning to relax and enjoy life. It’s important to include some time in your day to shut down and recharge. This can be a break during the day or as you wind down at night.  

  5. Remind yourself that you are human and that means you will make mistakes or miss goals, and that is okay. The most important things is to redirect your energy into moving forward with a positive mindset.

  6. Work on staying in the moment. There is nothing practical about dwelling on the past or spend too much time on the future. Enjoy all that life has to offer – right now.

Refire Fitness strives to be a Mental Health advocate! Our health includes mind, body and soul - be sure to provide self care to all of you1


Refire Fitness is active on social media and aims to provide an engaging community with education on fitness, nutrition and mental health. Join me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!


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