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What is Online Personal Training?

Curious about online training?

This is an effective training service for clients in any location who are looking for personal training without the in-person commitment to a time or location.

The service offers customized workout programs tailored to you, motivation, support and accountability through a fitness app, phone, email, social media and/or Skype. You get direct access to a personal trainer at all times!

Refire Fitness makes getting started with online training simple – the first step is to complete a questionnaire about your goals and lifestyle. Then, I will contact you to consult on your questionnaire and get a good idea of what style of training is best for you.

From there, I will develop a customized plan that is delivered to your via email as a PDF document or through videos on an easy to use app. You have regular check-ins with me through the contact method of your choice, weigh-ins and progress tracking.

Your workouts are built for the resources you have. If you will workout at home with no equipment - I will build a plan for that. If you will be going to a gym with full equipment - I will build a plan for that. If you have some equipment at home - I will build a plan for that!

Benefits of Online Training

Follow Your Own Schedule You can do your workout program when and where is convenient for you. Your workout can even be customized to working out at home with no equipment or to a gym with many machines. This means you can workout in the morning before the kids wake up, during your lunch break, while traveling for work, at night when it's quiet, etc...the possibilities are endless and flexible!

Affordable Online training costs less than in-person training, especially if you want to have more than one session a week! A month of online training can be less than a handful of in-person training sessions a month. Your investment into your training can get more value for less.

Accountability You do need to have your own motivation levels to get your workouts done, but with online training your trainer is just a click away for any support or questions you might have! You’ll get regular check ins, progress updates and feedback which can help rocket your motivation!

Communication The lines of communication can be open longer with online training as you can message your trainer anytime – this can be through text message, email, voicemail, Skype or more. This means you’ll get lots of one-on-one with your trainer and quick advice.

Refire Fitness offers professional online training that is built to suit you. You can email or call/text (613) 438-0966 for more information or to get started today! It's quick and easy - no more excuses, get the professional support to get results.


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