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  • Lisa Kelly

Simple Mindset Routine

I was working with a few clients who struggled with committing to their workouts - often they bumped themselves down their to-do list because other things took priority. Then they would beat themselves up about failing.

I could see that their mindsets were the biggest challenge and I came up with a simple routine they could follow to start building confidence and stay on track. It was amazing to see the magic this routine created for them!

And I’m going to share it with you since it follows the theme for March of keeping it simple:

  1. Start and end the day with 10 reps of your favourite exercise (Could be squats, push-ups … you name it!)

  2. Start and end the day by writing down what you’re grateful for.

  3. Start each day by writing down your intention for the day and end that day by reflecting on how it went.

Reminder - it’s not the specific “what” that you choose that matters - it’s the “why”.

Starting and ending your day with an intentional good-for-you action sends a strong message to your mind that you are serious about your goals.

Try this for one month and see what a difference it makes for yourself.

The fact is, motivation doesn’t just happen. It’s something that gets stronger the more you use it (just like your muscles). It takes regular upkeep.

When you have quick wins and you begin to see (and feel!) your work paying off, it can help drive you forward to even more success.

If you were to take on this challenge, what one small action would you commit to?

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