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  • Lisa Kelly

Working Out with Kids

When you add a kid or two to an already busy schedule of home life and work life, finding time to workout can seem impossible. Do you get it done out of the house and lose time at home or do you get it done when everyone is sleeping - mastering the quietest workout ever? Like anything in life, you make time for what's important to you and if being active is on that list for you, well kids or no kids, you can make it work!

Having time to yourself as a parent is critical for self-care but physical activity can be a great additional to your family life as a unit! Getting everyone involved not only adds movement for everyone but it also adds bonding time and memories.

Starting small is best. Here are some suggestions to try:

  • You can start with family walks before or after dinner as winding down time and time for fresh air. You can share stories about your day while getting in some activity.

  • You can do trips to the playground where parents also "play" - chase the kids, kick a soccer ball or use the playground structure as a workout jungle gym.

  • My daughter loves biking riding so we make it a date to get out on her bike while I jog beside her.

  • You can start a firm family date every Saturday for an outdoor sport or have a Saturday night Wii Sports event.

Think of things you and your family will enjoy and start incorporating them as habits! Your kids would love more time with you and they can be excellent motivators!

What do you love doing as a family currently? What do you plan on adding to your habits?


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