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  • Lisa Kelly

How I Manage My Stress with Fitness

I am a multi-tasker by nature and enjoy working on more than one project at a time. If I hit a roadblock with one thing, I move over to something else while I wait to pass the roadblock. I think a lot of women are – we are many things to many people such as mom, wife, daughter, friend, sister, etc..!

And with working on more than one thing or being more than one thing to more than one person comes stress. Stress can be good for us or bad for us depending on how we are coping on any given day. The key is to find ways to cope with stress that work for you because it’s not going away. Stress is present in everyone’s lives!

I manage my stress through fitness. I know you hear that working out can be a stress reliever often and it can be, but it is a lot more than that if you can use it as a coping tool. Fitness does not just help me physically relieve my stress – it helps me mentally relieve it as well.

Since I multi-task a lot, my brain gets tired a lot and working out forces me to just stop juggling everything for a period of time. When I am working out, I am not trying to complete two things at once or keep a tab on my to-do list – I am simply working out. I am there, I am present and my mind is with my body.

Think about that for a minute – how often do you truly check in with mind and body? You might feel a little off physically one day but mentally you are running a million things through your mind and the two never get to connect. Fitness can give you a way to do that. It can give you a regular check in time with both your mind and body to really feel what is going on.

For those of us who run a mile a minute at work or with hectic schedules, having a regular workout routine can offer you a chance to stop and slow down. Which is an excellent way to manage stress! I know it’s what helps me stay sane and organized in both my personal and professional life. If you’re looking to start a routine, let’s talk! Email


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