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Beat Old Man Winter!

As the cold weather sets in, cue my winter laziness! It never fails, once it starts to get ridiculously cold outside, I start to struggle with healthy practices. (Yes, shocker! – it happens to all of us!). It just seems so much easier to stay in bed longer, skip the workouts and eat the warm, carb loaded food. So, not only is it stupid cold outside, but there’s usually more baked goods, chocolate and potlucks around to help even the strongest willed of us crumble!

But if I give in to this laziness every time I feel it (because it is good to give in from time to time!), I start to feel all out of whack. I get overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed and feel sore, tired and weak. These winter blues are my giant red flag that it’s time to rely more on my determination that my ever fleeting motivation! These feelings tell me it is even more important to stay consistent with being active and eating well.

Here are some tried and tested tricks I use to avoid letting the lazy habits set in to leave me grumpy and sleepy:

  • Move More: At least 30 minutes every day – no matter what activity it is!

  • Eat More Fresh Foods: Add flavorful fruits and veggies to keep meals light and crisp

  • Get Fresh Air: The more we hide indoors - the more dry, dusty and stagnant air we breathe. So I try to get outside for brisk walks, sledding, skating or even just to clear off the car or shovel. Even just 10 minutes of fresh air can be the refresh you need!

  • Pick a Few Good Books: I like to keep my brain firing by using the really cold, miserable days to get wrapped up in an awesome book. My daughter and I cuddle together with hot chocolate and books!

  • Do Something New: I like to use winter as an excuse to try something different like a new fitness class, hobby class or visit new places.

Of course, a good, lazy day a few times a month is also great for your health! The important thing is to still make movement a part of most of your days.

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