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  • Lisa Kelly

Give in to Change - the Good Kind!

Change has long been a powerful force that can either stop you in your tracks or propel you forward - and it usually depends on your attitude and perspective. A great quote that really helped me was this one : "One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain". - Rick Godwin.

I know I'm guilty of digging my feet into the ground, refusing to accept change, because I refuse to give up certain things. It took me awhile to realize that change is good and if the focus turned to what there was to gain with the change then I was more open to it.

Before I found my groove with my health and a healthy lifestyle, I resisted it. I did not want to give up sleeping in, junk food and having to "find time" to squeeze a workout in. I wanted to come home from work and relax all night. I wanted to eat what my moods told me to eat. I did not want to give up all the good things in life just to be "healthy". But how crazy is that mindset?!

Instead, the focus should be on all there is to gain with adopting and striving for a healthier lifestyle. The good things in life come much more easily when you feel good and move well! Food tastes that much better when you rid your body of the sugar-loaded crap because your taste buds wake back up! I can breathe better, move without pain and my mental health is stronger due to challenging myself on a regular basis. I feel a sense of purpose and I wake up feeling damn good most days!

We waste a lot of time resisting what good could come of certain changes. Isn't it time to focus on everything there is to gain for yourself, your family and your life?


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