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  • Lisa Kelly

Finding Motivation on Bad Days

Sometimes they come from something happening and sometimes they come out of nowhere. Bad days can seemingly just appear - where you feel mentally and emotionally off. And even though we know that fitness can help shake the bad vibes off or at least provide a sense of relief, working out can feel like the last thing we want to do. These tips can help you build up the motivation to get some fitness in on a bad day.

(I have used all of these at any given time - and I have used all of them in one day! They work!) Keep it Small and Simple - Give yourself permission to go lighter on a bad day. This could mean simplifying your workout to a walk, job or a shorter workout than usual. Start by getting dressed for your workout and seeing how you feel. Sometimes going through the motions of preparing to workout can spark the flame!

Get a Buddy - Ask a friend to join you for some accountability and to make it more fun. Maybe try something new together - a class or take your workout outdoors!

Focus on Feeling - Instead of staying in the mind frame of how off you feel, think about how a workout usually makes you feel. Think about how it makes you feel accomplished, refreshed and proud. If we can change the negative tape that's playing in our mind it can give us that needed push.

Pay for Something - Sign up for something that will cost you money! I hate to waste money so I know that if I made a financial commitment to something, I'm more likely to actually do it. A lot of places have a small drop in fee or sign up fee to try a class out - hand over your money and it could be all the motivation you need!

Ask for Help - Tell someone you respect and trust that you need a kick in the butt. Let them know you're having a bad day and that you want to workout but are thinking of slacking. Hearing them tell you get it together and to go take care of yourself is an excellent motivator!

Bad days happen but they don't have to get the best of us! What tips do you have to kick your butt when you need it?


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