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  • Lisa Kelly

Guided Self-Care for Times When You're Lost

Even if you're pretty good at taking time-outs for yourself, we've all had moments where

we felt like we were going to fall under heavy pressure and have been at a loss of how to manage. Your best bets are to reach out for support, let someone know and perform self-care activities as soon as you can -- but such is life, sometimes there is no one to help or support you and sometimes you lack the time fit self-care in.

Which is why I want to share this amazing resource that was provided to me by a counsellor. It is set up in a great way that let's you follow it for as long as you need it - just a few clicks or more in-depth guidance.

Save this link somewhere easily accessible (I have it stored in my phone) since all you need is an internet connection and a few quiet minutes to walk through the guided flowchart.

Visit the resource here: Guided Flow Chart


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