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  • Lisa Kelly

A Day in the (Healthy-ish) Life of Sabrina: Juggling Work, Family, and Smoothies

Meet Sabrina! Welcome to the extraordinary world of a regular person with a bustling career, chaotic family life, and a "somewhat" love for all things healthy (her words, not mine!). We're going to embark on a journey through a day in the life of someone who has mastered the art of turning healthy living into a lifestyle. Hopefully it inspires you to see how you can do it too!

Rise and Shine, It's Smoothie-O'Clock!

7:00 AM – Sabrina emerges a slumber that resembles a wrestling match with a herd of wild cats (thanks peri-menopause!). With a yawn that could wake up the neighborhood, she stumbles to the kitchen for the ultimate morning fuel: a protein smoothie. Because she’s tired, lazy and doesn’t want to chew. Plus, who wants to cook at stupid o’clock in the morning? Cheers to keeping it simple!

Sweating Out Stress... And Lost Socks

8:30 AM - With one sock pulled up and the other mysteriously missing, Sabrina heads to the gym (aka, her laundry room). Amidst the chaos of juggling work emails, carpool schedules, and a sneaky ninja toddler, she has come to find solace in morning workouts. It's her escape from the madness, where she can unleash her inner beast and imagine she's battling evil villains instead of battling a stubborn toddler most days.

Salad Wars: Attack of the Greens

12:00 PM - The clock strikes noon, and Sabrina joins the lunchtime hustle. In a world dominated by fast food chains and deep-fried temptations, she navigates the treacherous lunch options like a nutritional ninja. Armed with a homemade, Refire Fitness inspired, no-sad salad that puts the Green Giant to shame, she triumphantly sits at her desk, warding off the tempting scent of greasy fries that wafts through the office. Victory is hers, one leafy green bite at a time.

Nurturing Relationships and Carrot Sticks

3:00 PM - Sabrina transforms into a multitasking maestro as she picks up her kids from school and daycare, managing a tornado of backpacks, snack requests, and homework meltdowns. She knows that healthy living isn't just about smoothies and cardio; it's also about nurturing relationships and creating memories. So, they whip out the carrot sticks like magic wands, casting away the cries for candy with a wave of crispy veggies.

Dinner: Where Magic Happens (And Sometimes Smoke Alarms)

6:30 PM - As the evening unfolds, Sabrina steps into the kitchen, armed with a spatula and Google. Amidst pots and pans clattering like a symphony of chaos, she conjures up a nutritious feast that leaves her family wondering if they've accidentally hired a gourmet chef. Little do they know that behind the scenes, Sabrina is relying on simple recipes and strategic shortcuts (like batch cooking on weekends) to get the job done!

Sweet Dreams and Midnight Snack Battles

10:00 PM - After the day's adventures, Sabrina finally collapses into bed, only to be greeted by a snoring symphony courtesy of her partner. As she lays there contemplating the mysteries of the universe and wrestling with the urge for a midnight snack, she resists the siren call of the cookie jar and embraces the importance of rest and recovery. She (slowly) drifts off into a deep slumber, dreaming of kale-infused superpowers and a world where all desserts are guilt-free.

Living a healthy lifestyle amidst the chaos of real life is no easy feat, but Sabrina is proof that it's possible with consistency and without perfection! By embracing small steps, prioritizing self-care, and finding joy in the journey, she transformed healthy living into a lifestyle that fits seamlessly into her busy career and family life.

So, my friend, put on your cape (or just your comfy pants) and join the league of superheroes who have discovered the power of healthy living in all its imperfect, hilarious glory.

Join our Refire tribe – the chaos is strong, but our muscles are stronger!


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