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  • Lisa Kelly

Flexibility Training: Your Moving Power!

This month, we’re kicking off the new year by focusing on fitness and the four types of exercises your body needs! I’ll take you through all four types this month – which are Strength, Endurance, Balance, and Flexibility. This week we’ll cover Flexibility!

This isn't just for the yoga lovers! And it's not just about whether or not you can touch your toes. It's all about your range of motion and how you body can move. It can make or break you, when it comes to aging!


Flexibility training is low-intensity exercises that increase the total range of motion of a joint or group of joints.

It's about your health and your ability to move freely. It's about protecting yourself from stiffness and excessive tension.

This type of training can include static stretching, dynamic stretching, yoga, Pilates, etc....


Better Movement All Day

Your flexibility plays a part in your every day. If you're not flexible, it's harder to do basic daily functions like reach something overhead, tie your shoes or get up or down from the floor or a seated position. If you stay with poor flexibility, then as you age, you'll lose more and more independence as you will be limited in your mobility.

Limit Injuries

Along with increasing mobility, flexibility decreases injury - this is super important since it means you can prevent an injury or recover from one faster. Life is gonna happen! But having good flexibility means you that you are keeping your muscles and joints supple, which will stop overuse injuries. Overuse injuries are caused by physical activity, when the area is not flexible enough to be performing that movement in the correct way. Increasing flexibility will decrease the likelihood of these.

Less Pain in General

Whether you work out frequently, do repetitive movements throughout your day, or find that your muscles are just stiff and sore in general, flexibility can help to speed up this recovery time. When your muscle groups are able to find release, you won’t feel as sore and will be able to continue to do whatever you do, pain-free, and with no muscle soreness.

Flexibility is overlooked by most of us but plays a part in our lives everyday and impacts how we age! Stick around this week, I'll be posting a workout video for flexibility training!


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