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  • Lisa Kelly

Healthy Eating Myths Debunked

Nutrition advice is given out freely by everyone...sometimes even if you didn't ask for it!

With this free advice, usually there is little research or merit.

So let's spend today's post helping you shed some of that crap advice so you can focus on the stuff that counts!

  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day Nope. There's nothing special about breakfast. Nutrition timing only plays a big part if you're an athlete or your medical professional has given you timings. The first time you eat during a day is technically breakfast but it doesn't need to be certain foods or at a certain time. If you're not hungry, listen to your body.

  2. Low Carb or No Carb Diets Work Best Ah, nope again. Your body needs carbs, but it needs the right carbs - the ones that are full of fibre and vitamins and inflammatory fighting stuff. Attempting to go low carb or no carb isn't sustainable and for most, not healthy at all.

  3. You Shouldn't Snack Pffft, snack queen here! Snacking when you're actually hungry between meals can help overeating later in the day. It's not snacking that is the issues, it's what we choose to snack on. If you're hungry, choosing snack with protein and/or nourishing carbs can be great for your body!

  4. Always Choose Low Fat Another macronutrient we need just like carbs! Fat is full of flavour and lets us really enjoy our foods. The downfall of food products being "low fat" usually means they are filled with sodium and sugar to make up for it. Meaning, they aren't any healthier!

  5. Calories In and Calories Out are the Only Thing to Focus On If only it were completely that easy! While calories in and out play a huge part of weight loss or weight management, there is more to the science than that. The quality of your calories matters so that you get to a healthy weight while also feeling strong and supporting your digestive system and mental health.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to myths, but it's a good start! Focus on following information backed by science and building those healthy habits!


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