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  • Lisa Kelly

Nutrition Hacks for Picky Eaters

Are you a finicky eater? A discerning diner? Or do you have one you have to try and feed?

We can be so picky and easily fall into eating the same foods for a long time. This can lead us to never really testing our taste buds out and missing out on some awesome good.

Have no fear! Being a picky eater doesn't mean you're doomed to a monotonous menu of chicken nuggets and plain pasta for eternity. I have some tricks up my sleeve for you (or them!).

No more hiding vegetables under the napkin or giving side-eyes to that mysterious green sauce…here are some real-life ways to work with a picky eater:

Embrace the "Try It" Rule Encourage yourself or your picky eater to take at least one bite of a new food. You might not be drawn to new food because it looks different, and your brain is telling you it won’t taste good. But let your taste buds be the deciding power. If you adopt this “try it” rule, you’ll slowly ease yourself into new tastes – whether you like them or not doesn’t matter so much as stretching yourself just that little bit! You never know, a new favourite may be found!

Don't Force, But Be Persistent Keep introducing new foods in different forms or preparations. It can take multiple exposures before a picky eater gives something a chance. So just like the above point mentions stretching yourself, this also applies that. If you keep trying, but not forcing, you are teaching yourself to grow – each bit at a time!

Blend It Up Sneak nutrient-rich ingredients in to things with the power of a blender. By blending things in, you introduce the taste of new items without them overpowering the dish and you remove the visual element that might be turning picky eaters off. Try things like spinach or kale into smoothies by blending them with delicious fruits like bananas or berries. Voila! A green smoothie without any fuss.

Veggie Ninja Grate or finely chop veggies like zucchini or carrots and add them to pasta sauces, meatballs, or casseroles. Again, you’re removing the visual of the food and introducing tastes in a subtle way. The picky eater won't even know they're there!

Will you be adding these to your nutrition toolbox for yourself or your picky eater?!


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